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Fundraisers and Donation


What is the Direct Drive?

The Direct Drive is the single major fundraising event at our school, so that as busy parents we do not have to take our children door-to-door selling chocolate, magazines, frozen meat, wrapping paper, etc.  We all know that it can be challenging to commit that time to fundraising, especially when only a portion of the funds collected goes towards the school.  With the Direct Drive, 100% of the funds donated go directly towards our school now!

How are the funds spent?

In past years the District Drive has raised funds for our new playground, the smart boards we have in every classroom, library support, music support and extra classroom support, and much more!  Whether your child is in Kindergarten or Grade 7, all of our students benefit from Direct Drive initiatives, past and present, and it is vital we continue this legacy. 


Profits from the Wednesday Hot Lunch goes to the PAC, towards subsidizing school programs. The Hot Lunch program is not run as a big fundraiser and the goal is to keep profit margins small for the benefit of families.

Pizza Lunches on Thursdays generate funds for two purposes - the Grade 7 Strathcona Park Lodge experience and the PAC.


Friday Night Fever is a Carnival for the school community. Its roots started in celebrating the success of the year - an event run by families for families. It has turned into a fundraiser, with funds raised each year through a raffle, games, food trucks and more!

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