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Humanitarian Club:  This club meets regularly with teachers to develop and implement plans to support various humantarian needs both locally and globally.  These initiatives are student led and implemented.  Students in Grades 4-7 may join this club.  Some of the fundraising efforts that these students have spearheaded include:

  • Online donations and Toonies for Terry in September to raise funds for cancer research,
  • Collect food for the Vancouver Food Bank through the We Scare Hunger campaign in October,
  • Collect for the Veteran Poppy Fund in November for Remembrance Day,
  • Sell Rafiki necklaces and place collection boxes at local businesses to support education in developing countries in November,
  • With PAC support each class creates a hamper for families in need at our sister-school in Vancouver in November and early December,
  • Collect warm socks and toiletries to be distributed to those who live on the streets in Vancouver in December and January
  • Environmental endeavors - Electro-cycle 

Through these ventures, the students have the opportunity to attend the Me2We event in Vancouver. Tickets to this event cannot be purchased; they must be earned.

Peer Helpers: Peer Helpers are Grade 6 & 7 students who are trained by a Community Schools Coordinator to help on the playground during lunch. Their job is to ensure that all students feel safe and included, initiate games with younger students and to make sure everybody is having a fun time out on the playground.

School Patrol:  Students in Grades 6-7 may volunteer to serve as crossing guards before or after school for the intersection on Maple Street.  They are trained by a Vancouver Police Officer in September prior to beginning service.  Mr. Smitna sponsors our School Safety Patrol.   

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