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School Logo


McKechnie's dancing people logo is designed by Tania Pearse, who was an art teacher at McKechnie. Sheila Tripp, the principal of both Shannon Park Annex and McKechnie Elementary at the time, asked Tania to design a logo for both schools. You will see a stylized version of this logo at the VSB Education Centre, crafted out of wood, in the main entryway. This logo is used on our letterhead, cheques and school business cards.

McKechnie's mascot, Mack, was brought into being by Russell Collins, the principal in 2005. Students had the opportunity to vote for their top choice of animals and the wolf was the consensus. The McKechnie wolf was conceptualized and the VSB painted it onto the wall in the gym. The PAC purchased a wolf mascot costume that year and Mack was born.

A wolf logo, modeled after the one in the gym, appears on our sports jerseys, spirit wear and more!


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