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Partners for Inclusive Education

PIE is a group of people interested in inclusive education. Based out of General Gordon, we are parents, educators, professionals and school staff who consider each other partners in creating an inclusive community for our school.

We offer an opportunity to share ideas, learn, grow, and show support for each other with open collaboration and communication on topics related to inclusive education. We welcome people from neighbouring schools to our meetings and events. If you want to be added to the PIE mailing list and receive the reminders of events and some resources we share, please send an email to with your name, school you are connected with, age of your child or grade you teach, email address and the request to be added to the PIE mailing list.

Guiding Statement:

We believe that every person, regardless of their challenges, is important, participates, and contributes something unique and valuable to our community.

Core Values:

Every person is valuable and contributes to making an inclusive community.

Collaboration is fundamental as this is a partnership in which teachers, school admin, staff, parents and members of the community work together to increase knowledge and find solutions to challenges presented.

We approach challenges from a place of curiosity and respect with the intent of understanding all viewpoints involved in a situation.

We facilitate engagement in the process of acquiring new knowledge and promoting acceptance and inclusion.

We consider open, sensitive, and direct communication to be essential.

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