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Student Safety

Student Safety is a priority at General Gordon.  If you know that your child will be late to school due to a pre-arranged appointment or will be away for days please inform the following:

1) Call our Safe Arrival Line at 604-713-5403 Ext 1 and leave a message (recording is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week).  Please speak slowly and leave the following information:  Your child's first and last name, their division, their teacher and the reason they will be late or away.

2) For pre-arranged absences please let the teacher know.  Either inform them via email or in the child's planner or with a note.

3) For long term absences (more than 2 days away) please also copy in the OAA Heidi at   She will pass this message on to those doing safe arrival to remind them of your absence so you do not get calls.

If your child becomes sick or you are running late the day of the absence please ensure you call the Safe Arrival Line 604-713-5403 Ext 1 A.S.A.P.  Our safe arrival volunteers start to call families with children who have been marked away by the teachers starting at 9:30am.  If we are not informed of your child's lateness or absence you will get a call.

Also please be reminded no children can depart from the school without parents permission.  All children departing (including early dismissals or lunch time departures) MUST be signed out in the office.  Pre-arranged regular lunch time departures require a note to presented to the teacher and the office staff before a release will be allowed.  All parents must be present to sign the children out.  If a child is deemed missing we will start our school protocols until they are found safely.

 In extreme cases where parents cannot be present, an Administrator will call the parents directly and talk to them verbally before a release can be made.

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