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Information for the use of Office 365

All students in the Vancouver School Board have access to Office 365.  When students or parents sign into Office 365, they have access to Microsoft Teams as well as several other apps (i.e., Microsoft Word, Notebook, Excel, MyBluePrint etc.).

All classroom teachers at Gordon will be setting up their virtual classroom in Microsoft Teams which will allow the school to connect with families virtually.  Each teacher will use their Teams Classroom a little differently, but some examples would be: communicating with parents through posted newsletters and chat messages, private channels to showcase students work, student self-reflections, and class-wide activities.  The school will also be using Teams to connect with families virtually for Goal Setting Conferences, assemblies (i.e., Remembrance Day) and other whole school activities.


Student Name:

Student Number:

PEN Number:

Your child’s student number is the number assigned by the school district and is used as part of your child’s VSB email address. 

Your child’s Student Personal Identification Number or PEN is assigned by the Ministry of Education and is with your child throughout their schooling despite what school they go to.  This is a very confidential number- just like your SIN number.  Please keep this number in a secure location and remind your child not to share it with anyone but a trusted adult.

Students' VSB student number and PEN were communicated home to families at the beginning of the school year but if you misplaced it then please contact your child's classroom teacher.

To Reset Your Child’s Password

All students need to reset their password this school year because of a system-wide restart over the summer.  Classroom teachers will be assigning passwords to your child and communicating this information home but if you would like to change this password or it is lost or forgotten, use the information below to reset your child’s password. 

Because this log-in information will also be used at school, it is important your child has this password written somewhere safe that they can access, or they have memorized it.  Please remind your child never to share their password with anyone but a trusted adult.

 Go To:

Enter your child’s:

Student Personal Identification Number (PEN):


To Sign into Office 365

 Student’s VSB Email:

Password: (see above)

 GO TO: or you can search Office 365 login in a search engine

Enter your child's STUDENT VSB EMAIL

Email address is the 7-digit student number followed by (no spaces).


Enter your child's PASSWORD

Once signed in you can scroll on the left-hand bar until you find the Teams Logo.

Click on the Teams app or download the app to your computer or tablet.

Important Note: Once you have signed into Office 365, the program will remember your child’s email and password.  Please remember not to use a public or shared computer without clearing the browser history after use.

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