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FAQs :

How do I check my account to see what books I have out?

1. Go to the library website:

2. log-in top right 


3. Enter your 7 digit student # and password for Teams (ask your teacher if you do not know your password) 

4. Choose the tab “My Info” to see items out

What happens if the book is lost?

 These things happen! Please take another good look around (under the bed, in the car, on a shelf, at another house, in a bag, etc.). If still not found, please let Mrs. Lowe know.

Books stay on the library account, so you may see books listed from previous years and/or other VSB schools


I think I’ve already returned the book?

 If there is a book on your account and you think it was returned, under these circumstances we just have to do our best, which is take another look to be sure. If still not found please see Mrs. Lowe, so that we can check the library shelves together.

I miss seeing all of you in the library and at school. I hope you are all well and staying safe! 

Take care, Mrs. Lowe

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