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Our Staff

1Ms. C. Pavao6/7
2Mr. C. Train5/6
3Ms. K. Henderson4/5
4Ms. J. Marshall
5Ms. P. Jeram2/3
6Mr. M. Ng1/2
7Ms. A. Micozzi/Ms. A. Lo1
8Mr. A. SwainKindergarten
9SMs. B IhekwoabaDistrict Primary CORE Program Teacher

10MMs. C. YaoGr. 4/5 District Mandarin Bilingual Program Teacher
11MMs. C. Ou YangGr. 6/7 District Mandarin Bilingual Program Teacher

Ms. L. Lauzon

Ms. A. McKend

Ms. B. Arneson

Resource Team

Resource Team

Thursdays (all day)/Fridays (a.m.)

Ms. E. McKeen/Ms. L. YuLibrarian/Resource Team/Prep Teacher
PE Prep -Tues, Wed. & Thurs (AM)Ms. S. Tong
Mr. G. Manery

Area Counsellor (Wednesday a.m. and Friday all day)


Youth and Family Worker (Mondays and Wednesdays)

Ms. L. CuramengSchool & Student Support Worker
Mr. B. Dhasi
School & Student Support Worker
Ms. C. Maglaya
School & Student Support Worker
Ms. V. Masih
School & Student Support Worker
Ms. H. KapataisSchool & Student Support Worker
Ms. S. SharmaSchool & Student Support Worker
Ms. M. Sidhu
Ms. H. Kaur
Ms. M. Tabuchi
Ms. S. Phadke
Ms. M. Kochar 
School & Student Support Worker - CORE Program

Ms. R. Grills

Mr. D. Ki

Speech & Language Pathologist (Thursdays)


Ms. S. SandhuOffice Administrative Assistant
Ms. J. Munk Principal 
Ms. M. CaveryPublic Health Nurse
Mrs. A. HuangSupervision Aide
Ms. L. Both Supervision Aide 
Mr. R. JaycoEngineer
Mr. J. HwangAfternoon Custodian

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