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We encourage students to walk, ride or wheel to school whenever possible. Lanark Street between 47th and 49th can be very congested.  Please follow all traffic signs and do not double park or drop off students where prohibited by traffic signs as there is a possibility of you getting ticketed.  There is ample street parking.  Please, take a few extra minutes and make use of this opportunity to enjoy the fresh air!

If students must be driven to school we have some simple requests:

  • Pull over to the curb, using your signal
  • Limit your stay at the curb to a maximum of 5 minutes
  • If there are no spots at the curb available on Lanark, please turn left at the lane and park on the next street to walk a block to school
  • Please don't wait until 9:00am to drop off - the bell rings at 8:55am so come 5 or 10 minutes early when there isn't as much traffic
  • Do not use the staff parking lot please
  • If someone has double-parked on Lanark, please give a light "toot" with your horn to move them along rather than trying to go out and around them

Please do your part by walking children to school whenever possible.  

Thank you for helping us try to keep your children safe!

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