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Student Safety


Student safety is our first priority.  Please review the following topics with your children.


Please remind your children that they must pay careful attention to the crossing signals at all of the crosswalks.  They must look in all directions and only cross when the light is green, the walk sign is on, and they have looked to ensure all traffic has stopped and it is safe to proceed.  If the stop hand is on, whether the light is green or red, children must not cross.  At 49th and Knight the children should stand behind the blue fence. 

There is no need to push the walk button because it is automatic during
the school day.  It would be helpful if parents/guardians modelled this practice for their children.

If you drive your child to school, please ensure that you drop him/her off at the appropriate location.  Stopping and parking in prohibited areas causes unnecessary congestion, confuses other drivers and may be a hazard to children.  Please DO NOT DOUBLE PARK beside a car that is already at the curb!

Please do your part by walking children to school whenever possible.  If using a vehicle to transport children, please ensure that you stop and park in the designated areas only, and co-operate with school staff. 

Lanark Street between 47th and 49th can be very congested.  Please follow all traffic signs and do not double park or drop off students where prohibited by traffic signs.  Cars will be ticketed.

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