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Assessment and Reporting

As of July 1, 2023 there is a new reporting order for student in BC. The biggest difference families will notice is there are 3 written reports that will be sent home. Please check back here shortly to see the latest updates to reporting.

Here is how communicating student learning looks like at a glance . . .


What parents can expect

How it will be communicated

September:  Kindergarten Intake Meetings

Each Kindergarten family is invited to an intake meeting with the K Team (Maple Community)

In June, Kindergarten parents receive a letter stating their child's gradual entry schedule for the first five days of school.  This letter also indicated an intake meeting time that occurs during gradual entry.

September - December:  Curriculum Overview

Each learning community will provide an overview to parents

Some communities choose to communicate about their program during Meet the Staff Night, others choose to provide this overview with January's formal report card.

October:  Goal Setting Conference


For some classes, the conference is a parent-teacher dialogue.  No children attend.

For other classes, the conference is a three- way conference for student-parent-teacher. 

During this goal setting conference, joint goals are determined for the child. 

Parents have an opportunity to ask questions and to determine how they can support their child’s learning.

Teachers will advice students if they are to attend or not.  In general, it is important for children to take responsibility for their learning, to have a voice and to establish goals.  

Winter or Spring Celebrations of Learning

Each Learning Community will invite their respective families to an exhibition of learning.  

Each community sends out their own invitation to parents.  Students exhibit their inquiry learning for family to see and to ask questions.

January:  Formal Report Card

A formal paper-based report card is issued for each child and is sent home by January 30th. 

March:  Parent-Teacher or Student Led Conferences

This is an opportunity to review your child’s learning profile, the progress your child has made and to establish further goals and next steps.

June:  Formal Report Card

A formal paper based report card is issued to each child in June.  



Communication between home and school is a building block for student success.  Although we have highlighted various ways that teachers share information, phone calls, e-mails and other face to face interactions to communicate important information, observations or to address specific concerns may also occur.

 Please remember that communication is a two-way endeavour.  Although our goal is to build your child’s independence as much as possible, should you feel you need to reach out to the school, please do so sooner rather than later. 



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