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Digital Citizenship

Presentation shared with intermediate students:  Digital Citizenship at Fleming

In September, each child and his or her parent signs the Acceptable (Responsible) Use of Technology Agreement to allow access to the use of devices.  Such access is made available only so long as the student complies with the following responsibilities. 


·      I will keep my username and password to myself.

·      I will be respectful of myself and others when using technology.

·      I will not view, download, or upload anything that is illegal, inappropriate, or that may cause harm or distress to others.

·      I will not take photographs or video of other students without their permission, nor will I post pictures of others without their permission.

·      I understand that school and personal devices while at school are intended for educational purposes.

·      I will respect others’ work and property and will not access, copy, remove or otherwise alter any other person’s files or information without their knowledge and permission.

·      I will immediately report any damage of devices or software, cyberbullying, inappropriate content, and other concerns to my teacher.

·      I understand that I am responsible for my actions when using technology both inside and outside of school.

·      I understand that the school will take appropriate action if I don’t follow the rules. 


The Responsible Use of Technology Agreement is taken seriously.  Access is a privilege, not a right. The result of a poor choice is loss of digital privileges for the period of time.  Thank you for your understanding.


If students bring their own devices to school, they must complete Use of Student Owned Devices (SODS), located below.  




BC’s Education Plan encourages smart use of technology in schools, better preparing students to thrive in an increasingly digital world.

Although Fleming School has some devices for sharing, we recognize the benefits and welcome the use of privately owned personal devices.  If students choose to bring a device to school, he/she must agree to:


§  use devices for instructional reasons only AND under the supervision of a staff member.  

§  only use their camera function for instructional purposes.  Cameras must NEVER be used during recess, lunch, in washrooms or dressing rooms.  This is a serious privacy offence and will be treated with a major consequence and zero tolerance. 

§  respectful behavior.  Everyone has the right to be treated with dignity and have their privacy respected.   


Fleming Staff will be assisting your child to the best of our ability.  However, we are NOT responsible for:

§  Repair of privately owned cell phones/omputers/electronic devices (hardware or software)

§  Compatibility problems with its networks, computers, and software

§  Network connectivity problems

§  Theft of or damage to privately owned devices, software, or data

§  Providing licenses for software used on privately owned devices


Once the signed consent is returned to the teacher, the student will be responsible for managing their device and using it for instructional purposes, under the supervision of a staff member. 



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