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Safe Arrival

Reporting Student Absences

Student safety is of paramount importance at Fleming Elementary.  Ensuring student safety is a shared responsibility.  In order to assist us, we ask parents to notify us of student absences. If your child will be absent from school, please phone the school to report this absence as early as possible. 

There are two ways to report an absence:

1.      Please Call 604.713-4793 prior to 9 am on the day of the absence.  Listen to the  message and press 1 when prompted.  Please speak clearly.  

2.      On the Fleming App:  Go to the Absence link and complete the brief form.  Melanie, our Office Admin Assistant, will receive a message when you press “submit”.  Please try the app as it's our preferred method.  

We have a Safe Arrival Program to ensure that when your child leaves home, they arrive safely to school.  If you do not notify the school, it complicates matters.

Report the following information slowly and clearly:

1.     Child’s name, grade and division number (or teacher)

2.     Date/time your child will be absent

3.     Reason for absence

If your child arrives late to school, he/she must sign in at the office, otherwise they will be marked absent and you will receive a call.  This often frightens parents because you know your child is at school and we are telling you otherwise.  Encourage your child to be on time.  Students should arrive at 8:55am (warning bell) for a 9:00am start.

Thank you for helping our office staff minimize errors and for valuing student safety procedures. 

Extended Absences

We encourage all students to attend school consistently, on time, every day. However, we understand that there will be times where an extended absence is unavoidable. In the case of an extended absence, please complete the Requesting an Extended Excused Absence form. All extended absences in excess of 20 school days should be discussed with the school principal or vice-principal. Enrolment cannot be guaranteed if an absence exceeds 30 consecutive school days.

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