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Fine Arts

Fine Arts courses allow students to express their feelings, attitudes and emotions in creative ways. Students will be offered the opportunity to learn and progress in a variety of means of expression through their artistic interpretations and creative problem solving. The Fine Arts Department is composed of the Visual Arts courses and Performing Arts courses.

The Visual Arts courses are comprised of general Art courses that cover all the basics of traditional art, and specialized courses like Graphic Design which incorporates the use of computers and traditional techniques to create design projects. Students will have the ability to get hands on experience using a camera, and work with a computer to enhance their photos in Digital Photography. Ceramics and Sculpture class is for students that are interested in creating 3 Dimensional Art in clay, metal, paper and recycled materials. Drawing & Painting covers traditional techniques in illustration and various types of painting, such as acrylic and watercolour.

Students in the Performing Arts courses will often be found exhibiting their skills in performances for the community; dancing, singing, instrumental playing and acting are the foundation of the Performing Arts. Band, Choir, Drama and Dance are the offered core courses, starting in Grade 8 and building upon skills into the senior grades. For instance, if one is exceptionally passionate for acting, one may be a part of the audition-mandatory Theatre Company to create performances throughout the school year to demonstrate what they’ve learned. All Performing Arts courses focus on allowing students to cooperate with each other through team building, and acquiring skills in the specific discipline of Dance, Drama or Music . 

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