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Windermere Scholarship Program 2021-2022

Each year, through the support of generous school, district, and community donors, Windermere Secondary awards thousands of dollars in scholarships to graduating students. These scholarships recognize student excellence and achievement in a variety of areas including, but not limited to, academics, arts, athletics, trades, school and/or community service, leadership, financial need, excellence in a chosen field of study, etc.  

Information and application forms for scholarships will be posted on our Grade 12 Teams. 

Windermere Scholarship Program Criteria  

  • To be eligible for Windermere’s Scholarship program, students must complete and submit the Windermere Scholarship Application form. 
  • Scholarship consideration will be given to students who are enrolled in 6 Windermere classes in their grade 12 year. 
  • The following courses will not be used in GPA calculations: Peer Tutoring, Community Service, Academic Strategies, and Work Experience 
  • The committee may consider applications of students with fewer than 6 classes in exceptional circumstances, such as participation in the ACE-IT program 
  • Top Scholar award: Top Scholar Award is given to the student who has the highest average in English 12 AND five of the following courses which must all be taken at Windermere: 
    • Math: Pre-Calculus 12, Calculus 12, Foundations 12 
    • Modern Languages: French 12, Spanish 12, Mandarin 12 
    • Science: Chemistry 12, Physics 12, Anatomy & Physiology 12 
    • Social Studies: History 12, Geography 12, Law 12, Comparative Cultures 12 
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