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Parent Advisory Council

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Secord PAC | Laura Secord Elementary PAC

What is Secord PAC?

If you would like to be on the Secord PAC email list please email us at with your child's first and last name and grade level.

PAC stands for PARENT ADVISORY COUNCIL. Every parent with a child at Laura Secord Elementary is a member of the Secord Parent Advisory Council (Secord PAC).
The Secord Parent Advisory Council aims to:

  • Promote/facilitate communication between parents, the school (teachers/administration) and the District.
  • Actively and positively support Secord school spirit, and social responsibility.
  • Support the enrichment of the elementary school experience for our children through volunteering at the school, coordinating events or programs, and through fundraising.

The Secord PAC Executive, which is elected in September of each year, coordinates the talents of the many parent volunteers to achieve the maximum benefit for the students and the school. Some parents are involved primarily in fundraising activities. Others are diligently occupied with ensuring that the funds raised are spent wisely on programs and needs within the school. Many parents volunteer their time to ensure the school is a safer, better and more enjoyable place.
The PAC is a great demonstration of our caring as parents. We all seek to ensure that our children have the best education in a safe and caring environment. We want Secord to be the best it can possibly be.
Here is a list of all the events, programs and activities that the PAC either plans or funds.


Please contact the if you would like more information or would like to volunteer and just don’t know how to get involved!


There are many opportunities to get involved in the school as the many events, initiatives and programs the PAC organizes all require volunteers in order to run smoothly!


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