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Philosophy Club

Philosophy Club is every Thursday in the library and all grade 4-7 students are welcome! 

If  you spend a lot of time thinking about and contemplating the meaning of life then this is the place for you! At philosophy club there are no right or wrong answers. We discuss an extremely broad range of topics from social justice, equality, prejudice, stereotypes, perspectives, string theory, black holes, the infinite universe as well as the infinite reverse (preons are currently the "smallest" thing in the universe!), the environment, inclusion, exclusion, social norms, difference, the economy, brain teasers, funny stories, touching stories and pretty much everything else that comes to our mind! It's super fun and you can come and be completely engaged or just sit and observe...everyone's opinions are welcome and respected. This is a drop in club so feel free to come once, twice or every single time, it's totally up to you. Hope to see you there. 

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