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PAC Job Descriptions

PAC Executive:

There are several executive positions on the SecordPAC. All are elected at
the AGM in September for a one-year term. Executive PAC members attend the PAC general meeting once a month at the school. The meetings are in the evening from 6:30-8:00pm. They also meet during the year once every 2 months or as needed.

Chair/Co-Chair(s) :  The senior officer(s) of the PAC executive committee.

Vice Chair :  Provides support to the senior officer.

Treasurer :  Manages the finances for the PAC, including coordinating the budget documents, making bank deposits and distributing funds, presents the budget and/or the financial report at the monthly PAC meeting.

Secretary :  Responsible for recording and keeping the minutes of all PAC executive and general meetings and forwarding them to the executive and the principal for approval before posting to the website.

Communications Coordinator : Responsible for general communication of PAC information to parents and the school administration.

Other Key Jobs:

DPAC Representative :  Attends  DPAC meetings and represents, speaks, and votes on behalf of the PAC.  Reports to PAC on matters relating to the DPAC (District Parent Advisory Council).  Renew Laura Secord PAC membership to the BCCPAC.

English Primary Representative/English Intermediate
Representative/French Primary Representative/French Intermediate
Representative : 
These four positions work together to bring help to provide more opportunity for intermixing the student populations and to ensure all students needs are represented in the PAC. French reps are also responsible for liasing with Canadian Parents for French and/or attending their meetings. The French Rep will also be responsible for initiating a discussion with the grade 5 parents each September about the French Exchange which has traditionally happened in grade 7. (For many years the grade 7 students in French Immersion have had the opportunity to take part in an exchange with a school from Quebec. The trip takes a lot of fundraising and it is therefore imperative that discussions begin in grade 5. For more information on the Quebec Exchange contact

Event Coordinators : All of the events have a binder of information specific to the event, which includes a timeline with details of each task necessary to run a successful event. If you have any questions, remember there’s always someone to ask for help! Below is a list of the events that require coordinators (with the current co-ordinator’s name in brackets):

  • Thursday Hot Lunch’ Program (Amy Chuang & Melinda Broome & )
  • Pumpkin Patch (Lindsie Tomlinson)
  • Purdy's Chocolate Sales (Mireille Sauve)
  • Scholastic Book Fair – for the English and French Book Fairs. (Robyn Wong & Elissa Vann Struth)
  • Family Dances – at various times of the year (Shahira Sakiyama )
  • Secord Clothing Sales (Lindsie Tomlinson)
  • iWalk Week 
  • Earth Day (Melissa Bruntlett)
  • 6/7 Dance (Julie Lopez, Donna Bob, Wendy Yuen, Maria Cartagena)
  • Gardening Committee (Neema Kulkarni & Leah Stoelting)

Class Representative :   Representative for each division (a parent of a child in the class), may be asked to forward emails to class parents, attend PAC meetings and assist in finding volunteer

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