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Meal Programs

Our Parent Advisory Council (PAC) organizes two lunch meal programs throughout the year. Sushi is served on Tuesdays and Pizza is served on Thursdays. Parents can sign up their children for either or both programs via the school online ordering system MunchaLunch. Listen for announcements via the school email system and this website for when orders open on MunchaLunch for each session.

There are three sessions throughout the year:

  • Session 1: September to January
  • Session 2: February to April
  • Session 3: May to June

Both lunches are fundraisers for school programs and are organized by parent volunteers. The Sushi lunch program is a fundraiser for the Grade 7 Quebec Exchange (April) and is coordinated by Grade 7 parents. The Pizza lunch program is a fundraiser for the Grade 4 Camp Sasamat Trip (April) as well as for other PAC initiatives. When Session 3 starts in May, the Grade 6 and Grade 3 parents take over volunteering for each respective program to begin raising funds for the Grade 7s and Grade 4s in the following year.

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