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We are pleased to offer several sustainability initiatives at L’Ecole Bilingue thanks to our parent-run Sustainability Committee. The Committee develops ideas that we then try to implement and maintain as a school, with additional support from parents to organize and coordinate various events. Our regular programs are listed below. Listen for announcements via the school email system and this website to find out how you can support these programs and participate in events.

Litterless Lunches (Dîner sans traces)

Since 2010, we have had a litterless lunch policy at the school. This means all students (and teachers) are required to bring their lunches and snacks in reusable bags and containers that can be taken home with them. The results have been tremendous. Annual food and wrapping waste produced by a child's lunch is approximately the same weight of a grade 2 student. Imagine what the school could do for your child with the money saved from having to haul off to the dump the equivalent of almost 500 grade 2 students every year?!? Fewer trips to the dump mean fewer carbon emissions. And less food rotting in the dumps means less methane gas production. That leaves all of us breathing a little easier!

School Garden

Thanks to the Gardening Department of the Board of Education, we have a school garden near the cherry trees on the gravel field. Look for: beans, sunflowers, savoy cabbage, tomatoes, red lettuce, romaine lettuce, strawberries, cucumbers, chives, zucchinis, sprouting purple broccoli and pumpkins. Please: no snacking, as many of these green treats are part of classroom programs, and the children in participating classes have first priority. While we are at the South Hill location during the seismic upgrade [link], we will be looking for a new site for our school garden.

Biking Group

We are proud to say that L'Ecole Bilingue is recognized as a leader in Vancouver for the number of children who ride their bikes to school. The Biking Group works to plan events to encourage biking and helps solve safety issues for cyclists riding to school. In the past the Biking Group has planned events such as the very popular "Bikers Breakfast" and "Bike and Snack". Future plans include a Bike Rodeo and a Bike Parade. If you would like to get involved, contact the Biking Group Committee Lead.

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