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About Us

Over the years, Volunteer Interpreters Program has become an essential service to our schools, students, and families across our school district - particularly for Parent-Teacher Conference periods, but also for other urgent needs.  As our immigrant population has continued to grow, it has increasingly become a critical element in our efforts to support effective communication for both schools and families.

Volunteer interpreters augment the valuable support offered by the Multicultural Liaison Workers.  This additional group of volunteers is needed because our immigrant student numbers far exceed our district's in-house capacity to provide interpretation support.  Teachers, parents, administrators and even district personnel can attest to the value and importance of this service to schools.

At present, we have volunteers representing thirty-three languages or dialects.  Many schools have and would like to continue to benefit from their services. While we are reaping huge benefits for our district, there are complimentary benefits for the volunteers as well.

If you are a parent or someone who is fluent (who can speak, read, and write) in another language as well as in English and you are interested in joining our volunteer program, please click here to apply. 

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