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About Us

Waverley School is a single storey school built around a garden courtyard. It was constructed in 1966 and it replaced the old Tecumseh Annex. The school was named for a train station in Edinburgh but there is no record as to why the name was chosen. The school enrols approximately 420 students and is fully wheelchair accessible. A new modular wing containing nine classrooms was completed in 2000 to accommodate increasing enrolments and to alleviate the need for three portables on the grounds.

Parental involvement in school activities and programs is encouraged by ongoing communication between school and home. The Home/School partnership is reinforced by an active and supportive Parent Advisory Council.

We have an active gardening program at Waverley, and our staff and students are engaged deeply in Social Emotional Learning. We host a variety of afterschool programs, including SVNH Out of School Care and Pui Ying Chinese School. Waverley prides itself on our motto: Be Safe, Be Kind, Be Your Best with daily announcements and student leadership opportunities that deepen our connections to each other.

See you in the hallways!

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