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Our Staff

Staff Member
PrincipalMs. Lani Morden

Vice-Principal (& Resource Teacher)Ms. Sharon Sahota
Office Administrative AssistantMs. Ainslie Kwan

Office Assistant (extra clerical)Ms. Kelly Loconte (Wed)
Division 1 TeacherMs. Tammy Borg
Division 2 TeacherMs. Christine Giesbrecht
Division 3 Teacher

Ms. Miro Shen (Mon-Tues)

Mr. Shuk Yan (Wed-Fri)

Division 4 TeacherMs. Liza Archer
Division 5 TeacherMr. Clark Nagata
Division 6 TeacherMr. Anthony Churko
Division 7 TeacherMs. Tanya Meierhofer
Division 8 TeacherMr. Gordon Mah
Division 9 TeacherMs. Claire Lauzon
Division 10 TeacherMs. Jeannie Lew
Division 11 TeacherMs. Sara Jarvis
Division 12 TeacherMs. Lan Van
Division 13 TeacherMs. Jennifer Lum
Division 14 Teacher

Ms. Rachel Mokonen

Division 15 Teacher

Ms. Lina Wu (Tues-Fri)

Mr. Doug Masuhara (Mon)

Division 16 Teacher

Ms. Janice Sokukawa

Division 17 Teacher (SELC)

Ms. Katherine Dare

Teacher LibrarianMs. Kamil Nijjar
Resource Teacher
Ms. Pinder Gill
Resource TeacherMs. Jody Imrie

Resource TeacherMs. Suki Dhillon

Resource TeacherMs. Elena Bodnaruk

Resource Teacher
Ms. Dorothy Shaw

Prep Teacher (Music)
Mr. Spencer Still

Area Counsellor

Ms. Celia Yeung

Youth & Family Worker (SELC)Ms. Miriam Pulsifer
Youth & Family WorkerMs. Sabrina Tsang
Youth & Family Worker (SELC)Ms. Miriam Pulsifer
Student Support Worker (SELC)Ms. Jenni Keast
Speech and Language PathologistTBA
VSB Psychologist Ms. Simone Leung
Hearing TeacherMs. Odelia Chiu
Enhanced Literacy TeacherMs. Shannon Lowe
Indigenous Education Enhancement WorkerMs. Candace Curr
VSB Strong Start InstructorMs. Christine Chan

Student Support Assistant (SSA) Team:

Ms. Agnes Coelho

Ms. Bev Beaton

Ms. Danielle Lewis

Ms. Erin Hepner

Ms. Gigi Prudente

Ms. Heather Craig

Mr. Karl Dela Pena

Mr. Kevin Singh

Ms. Lakhrisa Hatch

Ms. Molly Datta 

Ms. Parin Jaffer

Ms. Priscilla Broad

Ms. Rosa Ng

Ms. Sara Brule

Ms. Shannon Palm

Ms. Sonia Bains

Ms. Wendy Belado

Supervision Aides (recess and lunch)

Ms. Polly Chan

Ms. Lorraine Kirstiuk 

Ms. Dorothy Tam

Building EngineerMr. Gary Lam
Assistant Building Engineer

VCH NurseMs. Asifa Kassam

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