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Additional Student Supports

Additional Student Supports look different in each school and classroom as they reflect the individual needs of students. 

At Waverley, we have a large team of "School and Student Support Workers" who support in classrooms in small groups and with students 1:1. These 17 staff members help students to follow the group plan, develop individualized skills and to make social connections with their peers. 

Student supports can also be in the way of time with a Resource Teacher, or by the use of technology in the classroom. At Waverley, we also have a sensory room and a motor lab where we strive to support students with sensory and physical needs.

In addition, Waverley hosts a district program, ExSEL (Excellence in Social Emotional Learning) where a small group of students focuses on literacy and SEL everyday in their classroom with the guidance of a teacher, support worker and youth and family worker.

You can contact some of our itinerant support staff with your questions as well:

Heather Spencer- Counsellor

Sabrina Tsang- Youth and Family Worker (YFW)

Wendy Ryan- Indigenous Education Enhancement Worker (IEEW)

Megan Bamburak- Speech and Language Pathologist (SLP)

Simone Leung- School Psychologist

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