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Code of Conduct

Eric Hamber's Code of Conduct provides a framework to ensure that success and achievement are reached through courtesy, consideration, constructive behaviour and common sense. All members of Hamber's community will work to establish and maintain a safe, caring, and orderly environment for purposeful learning. Disciplinary action, whenever possible, is restorative, rather than merely punitive.

Eric Hamber Secondary School will treat seriously behaviour or communication that discriminates based on race, colour, ancestry, place of origin, religion, marital status, family status, physical or mental disability, sex or sexual orientation (ie., prohibited grounds set out in the BC Human Rights Code).

As students become older, more mature and move through successive grades they are to assume increased personal responsibility and self-discipline. There will, therefore, be an increasing set of consequences for continued inappropriate behavior.



We will treat every individual in the same way, with the same attitude, regardless of race, culture, language, social status, or sexual orientation.


We are accountable for our decisions and can tell right from wrong. 


We treat one another with dignity and respect at all times.


We keep ourselves and community members free from harm or danger.


We find satisfaction in our own achievement and the achievement of peers.


We will pursue high standards in all pursuits academically, physically and socially.


We are polite and considerate to each other and to all staff. 

We will...

  • Speak a common language so as not to exclude anyone
  • Not discriminate against those different from others
  • Respect everyone's personal space
  • Behave in a manner that does not endanger ourselves or others
  • Be responsible for our own property and that of others
  • Acknowledge our imperfections and mistakes and take responsibilty for them
  • Pursue healthy lifestyle choices
  • Be a contributing community member at Hamber
  • Reduce, reuse and recycle our garbage appropriately
  • Dress appropriately
  • Grow in our self-discipline socially and emotionally
  • Acknowledge there are various learning styles
  • Refrain from using our electronic devices (cell phones, iPods, etc.) during school time
  • Keep hallways clear during spare blocks and while classes are in progress


We are respectful towards people whose ways or abilities differ from our own.


We will...

  • Be on time, ready to learn with the correct materials
  • Respect the learning process for ourselves and other students
  • Ask for help when required
  • Treat others kindly and fairly
  • Develop our cooperative learning skills
  • Be helpful to individuals needing help
  • Analyze a situation and then make an appropriate decision
  • Treat property and equipment with care
  • Strive to keep our school safe for everyone
  • Use appropriate and respectful language and gestures with peers and teachers
  • Celebrate achievement
  • Demonstrate school spirit
  • Achieve to our highest potential
  • Be responsible for our school work
  • Set personal goals and prioritize our time accordingly
  • Pursue lifelong learning
  • Listen to understand others
  • Encourage others
  • Respect all school staff/guest speakers/TOCs/custodians
  • Actively attempt to problem solve in a positive peaceful manner
  • Accept diversity
  • Be open-minded
  • Be tolerant of others
  • Grow as individuals in the world beyond school
  • Use appropriate means to solve problems and achieve goals
  • Respect our greater environment
  • Respect diversity of all kinds
  • Refrain from verbal and physical harassment
  • Refrain from the use of illegal substances
  • Advocate for Hamber school pride
  • Keep our school and neighbourhood clean and welcoming
  • Support others to pursue high standards and academic excellence
  • Create a learning community where we strive for excellence in everything we do
  • Behave responsibly and respectfully
  • Demonstrate respect for property
  • Not disturb the learning of others
  • Not discriminate based on differences
  • Refrain from verbal and physical harassment
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