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New Hamber Student Resources

Tech Set Up


Hamber students are provided a VSB Secure Wi-Fi login username and password on the first day of the new school year.  

New students to Hamber throughout the school year may access the VSB Secure Wi-Fi login username and password by checking for this information from the school office staff. 

MyEd BC (MyEducation BC)

MyEd BC is the primary platform students use to review their attendance, contact information, student demographic information, student schedule (timetable), published report cards, and transcript information. 

Microsoft 360 Account

All Hamber students have access to a Microsoft 360 account.  Microsoft Tools that students frequently use include Excel, OneDrive, Outlook, PowerPoint, Teams, and Word.

Students are encouraged to become familiar with using Microsoft Teams for their learning.  

School Cash Online

A list of approved school and supplemental fees may be found under the Families tab on our school website.  Parents and guardians can pay school and supplemental fees directly by clicking on the “Pay Fees” link at the top on our website homepage. 

Parents, please make a note of the school district’s Financial Hardship Policy which recognizes that some families may not be able to afford school fees at this time.  Board policy is that no student of school age will be denied an opportunity to participate in a required course, class or program because of financial hardship.   Parents and guardians unable to pay some or all of a school fee are invited to speak to their child’s teacher, school counselor, and/or administrator.  

All financial hardship applications and discussions are confidential.  Ways in which difficulties in meeting requests for school fees may be addressed include:  partial payment, waiver of the fee, or payment by installment.  

Locker Sign up

New students to Hamber will receive support with their locker assignment directly from their grade administrator upon registration.  

Students are asked to not change or share lockers.  Locks will be removed if students occupy an unassigned locker.  

Please note that the school does not carry insurance to cover the loss of valuable items from school lockers, therefore, we strongly recommend that students do not leave valuable items in their lockers.  

Gently used locks are available for purchase in the school office for $2.00 each, or students may purchase a new lock for $19.00 through the Pay Fees” link on our school website.  


Student involvement in extracurricular activities is a valuable part of a school’s education program. Student participation in extra-curricular activities is voluntary.  The District provides guidelines to ensure that an approval process is in place for extra-curricular activities; there is consistency in the formation and operation of extra-curricular activities; and consideration is given to the safety and well-being of students involved in extra-curricular activities.  

Clubs are defined as groups of students who come together on a regular basis for a specifically defined and approved purpose.  Clubs are promoted and facilitated by the school as part of its established program of teaching and learning activities and/or may be created in direct response to student interest.

Most of the clubs at Hamber have been created in direct response to student interest!

Information regarding the clubs offered at Hamber this school year may be found on our school website here and includes club names, club teacher supervisors, and club teacher supervisor contact information.  Please contact the club’s teacher supervisor if you have any questions about a club offered at our school.  Students are able to join clubs all throughout the school year!

Eric Hamber Secondary has a history of holding a “Clubs Day Fair” during lunch time on at the beginning of each semester in the cafeteria.  The fair showcases all clubs simultaneously in one setting and is always a lot of fun for our students!   


"What procedures do I need to follow if I have been absent from class?"

  • Students are expected to be in all scheduled classes, on time, all day, and every school day.  Attendance is recorded every period.  Consistent attendance, punctuality, and preparedness are key to academic success.  Please make every effort to arrive on time and ready to learn.
  • You will be in class every day unless you are ill.  If you are sick please ask your parent/guardian to call the office with your student number by 8:30 am (604-713-8927) to let us know.  We will then record this information on the attendance report for the day.
  • On your return to school, please pick up a blue absence note from the office to attach to your parent/guardian note.  Bring a parent/guardian note (sample note below) to be signed by your teachers.  Once your absence note has been signed by the teachers whose class(es) you missed, turn it in to the office receptionist who will enter the information and then pass it on to the appropriate grade counsellor.  
  • Sample Note:
    • Student Name:  _______________________     Date:  _______________
    • Counsellor:  ___________     Homeroom:  _______     Student #:  ______
    • Please excuse (Student Name) for being absent on (Date(s) for (Reason)).
    • Parent/Guardian Signature:  ____________________________________
    • Blocks Missed (List Block, Course, and leave a space for teacher to initial)
    • Periods:  _____, Course:  _____, (Teacher Initials)
    • Periods:  _____, Course:  _____, (Teacher Initials)
    • Periods:  _____, Course:  _____, (Teacher Initials)
    • Periods:  _____, Course:  _____, (Teacher Initials)
  • Whenever possible students who will be absent at parental requests (i.e. appointments, emergencies, special events, etc.) should provide a signed note in advance to their teachers.  If an early dismissal is required, students must bring their note to the office before leaving the school.  Students absent due to field trips, work experience, athletic events, etc., must inform teachers in advance of the intended absence.  
  • Students are responsible for work missed during their absences.  Students are encouraged to show initiative in finding out what work was missed and how it might be made up.  Teachers will provide assistance to students absent for verified absences.  
  • Any missed instructional time, due to an out-of-school activity which has not been approved in advance, such as an online exam or a new driver's test is not a valid reason for missing school.  These activities should be scheduled outside of school time.  As best as possible vacations should be planned for when school is not in session. 

"What other resources are available for new Hamber students?"

Students are always welcome to connect with their counsellor.  Counsellors provide both just-in-time support for students with an emerging concern and also provide ongoing guidance throughout the academic year with course planning and course work.

Albert Kwok (Grade 8 and Grade 10 students with last names Roo - Z)
Roger Millette (Grade 9 and Grade 10 students with last names Le - Rol)
Clive Smith (Grade 11 and Grade 10 students with last names A - C)
Nimi Sandhu (Grade 12 and Grade 10 students with last names D - Laz)
Jill Polukoshko (All International Students Grades 8 - 12)

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