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Business Education

Welcome to Business Education!

We Make Stuff Happen

Business Education provides students with practical skills to enhance their employability, academic success, and daily lives. Participation in various hands-on activities such as simulations, case analysis, web and graphic design and school store operations, adds to students’ business experience.

The areas of Business Education study offered at Hamber include:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Economics
  • Digital Media & Digital Communications
  • Yearbook

Business Course Flow Chart:

For the latest in the Business Department news and opportunities:

For the latest in school store news and events: and

Information and Communications Technology Course Flow Chart (within ADST):

In addition to these areas of study, the Business Education sub-department promotes advanced skill development through the participation in Skills Canada competitions in Graphic Design, and Job Search.  

 Department Head

Ms. S. Schoenfelder 


Ms. M. Albrecht        

Ms. T. Hayes                 

Ms. M. Poon                


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