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My Forms - Information and Instructions on how to complete online forms


MyForms is a new offering from the Vancouver School Board intended to replace paper-based consent and acknowledgement of risk forms typically sent home with students.

The application allows students and parents/guardians to confirm and revoke their approval of topics and activities related to a student’s studies.


Upon logging into MyForms at you will be presented forms relevant to the current student. Depending on the state of the form, you will be able to sign, view or revoke consent for each form by clicking the relevant link.

Signing In

Upon entering an unsigned form you will be presented with the details of the matter requiring acknowledgment. Once read, and if you agree, you can provide consent by clicking the ‘I agree’ checkbox near the boƩom of the form.

Upon submission, you will be brought back to the main page.

Further, the MyForms system will send a confirmation email to the parent/guardian for review and filing.


Revoking consent is as simple as clicking the ‘Revoke’ button. You will then be brought back to the main page.


There are 6 online forms that need to be filled out and completed at the beginning of the school year. 

1. Adobe CC Acknowledgement of Use (For Students)

2. Adobe CC Consent Form (for parents/guardians)

3. CASL Consent Form 2023-2024 (for parents/guardians)

4. External Media Consent 2023-2024

5. VSB Media Consent 2023-2024

6. G4-12 Student AUP



Sign in on to this website: using your child’s PEN # and Date of Birth


Step 2:

Click on Each form where it says Fill and Sign my form:



Step 3:

Once you have selected a form, please read each form carefully. 


Scroll to the bottom of each form and you will have to check off the box ‘I Agree’. 

(by clicking on the ‘I Agree’ box you are giving your consent).


Revoking consent is as simple as clicking the ‘Revoke’ button. You will then be brought back to the main page.



Step 4:

Click Submit















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