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Course Planning

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Grade 8 - 2024/25 School Year Information

Dear Grade 7s,

We are very excited about your upcoming transition into secondary school at John Oliver!  The ‘JO’ school community is a great place to belong and we are confident that you will soon settle in to your high school journey.

It is normal to feel a little worried when making the move to high school – everyone has those first day jitters.  We want you to know that you are well supported at John Oliver.  You have a team of counsellors, teachers, educational assistants, and administrators here to support you every step of the way.  Your Grade 8 Counsellors next year will be split between Ms. Anne Alvares, Ms. Carleigh Martel, Ms. Nassim Ghani and Mr. Michael Wolfe.

We have several “transition activities” occurring – all geared to help you navigate your arrival at John Oliver.  These events include:

1. Gr. 7 Family Night - January 24 2024, at 6:30PM in the John Oliver Library

This is an information evening for families.

2. Counsellor Presentations at Elementary Schools - January 2024

Your Gr. 7 teacher will be booking Ms. Nassim Ghani (one of your Gr. 8 Counsellor next year) to come speak to you about the offerings at JO

3. Gr. 7 Tour - May 30, 2024

This fun event is organized through your elementary school, where you will visit JO to meet your key support people, learn about life at JO, and take a tour through the school.

Grade 8 Virtual School Tour


Clubs @ JO - Clubs are awesome in high school because they provide you with an opportunity to meet others who have the same passions and interests as you. Check out the clubs page here to see what clubs JO has. Or maybe you want to start your own club?

Athletics @ JO - Athletics is another way to get involved with the school community. You can join a team as a player, a manager, officials or even as a spectator! Check out the JO athletics page here for more information about high school athletics. 

All incoming Gr. 8 students for the year 2024-2025 must fill out the Gr. 8 Enrollment and Course Selection Form and return to their Elementary School.

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