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Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship is having the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to demonstrate responsible, respectful and safe behaviour when using technology or participating in digital environments.

John Oliver’s Digital Code of Conduct reflects, and is in accordance with, the school’s “J Code”, the district’s policies regarding student conduct, and the province’s BC Human Rights Code.

Acting Responsibly

  • I will demonstrate ethical behaviour in the digital world just as I would in the real world
  • I will use technology in an appropriate manner
  • I will make appropriate digital decisions by committing myself to a high standard of conduct and procedure
  • I will NOT break any laws or rules dealing with the use of technology
  • I will follow the established rules surrounding technology and take responsibility for my actions

Acting Respectfully

  • I will respect myself and others through my actions
  • I will demonstrate respectful digital etiquette
  • I will not use technology in a harmful, degrading, or inappropriate manner
  • I will demonstrate consideration of, and respect for, school and peer technological resources and use them appropriately
  • I will model good digital behaviour

Acting Safely

  • I will act safely in the digital world to prevent disruption or harm to myself and others
  • I will work to have a balanced, healthy lifestyle relationship with technology
  • I will protect myself and others by reporting digital abuse of people and property
  • I will ensure the privacy of my own information
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