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John Oliver offers a number of clubs that support the JO school and the community at large.  

Please keep an eye out for the club that you would be interested in.
If you don't see one, find a sponsor teacher and start your own!

JO Clubs 2022-2023:
The PDF Attached has more information regarding each club's meeting locations and times.

Club Name:
Book Club
K. Walks
Chess ClubC. Lee
Debate ClubC. Phillips
Filipino Lunch ClubJ. Jose
Gender & Sexuality Alliance (GSA) M. Wolfe, T. Schleyer
Here for PeersN. Ghani, N. Palejko
Homework ClubC. Wallace
JO CaresC. Wallace
JO CrossroadsI. Lau
JO Dance Squad/ClubB. Chan
JO Investors ClubG. Lee
JO Photography & Film AcademyC. Walker
JO Youth Welcome CircleE. Chan, S. Joshi, S. Ismali
Library ClubK. Walks
LINK CrewC. Wallace, L. Nerling
Little Tree ClubH. Symons
Mind Link: The Mental Health ClubC. Phillips
Movie Club (ELL)A. Zhang
Music Production ClubC. Kumar
Robotics ClubA. Wong
Tech Crew
B. Schieman
Theatre CompanyA. Gill

If you want to know more about a specific club, please speak to the Sponsor Teacher.

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