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UHill Elementary Arts Festival June21st

"Before a child talks, they sing.  Before they write, they draw.  As soon as they stand, they dance.  Art is fundamental to human expression."

- Phylicia Rashād.

We all know art and creativity is important for our children's education. Music, poetry,

drama, visual arts, every kind of artistic form plays an big role in their learning process

and in the way they connect with the world. Through art, children learn to take risks, pay

attention to detail, understand different feelings and see how there can be multiple

meanings in what we see and say.

The goal of this Art Festival is to create a space for sharing and celebrating the art that

is produced in our community - everyone†is†welcome†to†participate†!

Children, parents (and other relatives), teachers and staff, and other members of our

community may choose the participate in the following ways:

- Performing

- Playing instruments, singing, reciting poems, telling stories, dancing,

acting, doing magic tricks and any kind of artistic expression that you want

to share are welcome!

- We will have a digital piano and a sound system available.

- Get creative about your participation, for example, if your child is a poet

but would not go on stage, you can recite his/her poems.

- Click here to register and let's rock and roll!

- Offering or participating in workshops

- 30-minute workshops will be offered by members of our community to

share their personal gifts, techniques and artistic expressions such as

origami, crochet, dancing, drama, etc.

- Visual Art Exhibition

- We will display paintings, drawings, photos or any other kind of visual art

produced by our community, which will be submitted with one week in

advance, further instructions will be sent!

The event is going to be held on June 21st, starting at 3:30pm, on the longest day of the

year and National Indigenous Peoples Day. What better way to celebrate than coming

together as a community to share art and culture?


Art Festival Committee.

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