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Extra-Curricular Sports

Cross Country

Run like the wind! The University Hill Cross Country Team practices hard four mornings each week. They are prepared for mornings of beautiful sunshine, frosty mornings and wet mornings. The team members compete in three mini-meets and a city-wide meet at Trout Lake. Come out and join the cross country team. We are looking for runners that are committed and have a positive attitude. We look forward to seeing our runners in the spring for Track and Field!


Bump! Set! Spike! At University Hill, we have four volleyball teams: Senior Girls, Senior Boys, Junior Girls and Junior Boys. The volleyball season takes place November and December. The students compete against other school teams in our zone. For many of our students, it is their first opportunity to play volleyball. We focus on skill development, teamwork and good sportsmanship.


Nothing but NET! Basketball is a popular sport for Grade 6 and 7s at University Hill. Our students work hard at practices and games to improve their skills and work together as a team.

Track and Field

Run, Jump, Throw! There is something for everyone - Track and Field is a favourite amongst many University Hill students. Practices on sunny spring mornings see many students out for relays, sprints and field events such as long jump and high jump. Students from Grades 3-7 participate in practices and zone meets. The season takes place from April to May.

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