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Student Safety

Caring for Ourselves and Others

Violence Prevention Policy: Vancouver Public Schools - Safe Places To Be

The Vancouver School Board (VSB) works hard to ensure that our schools are safe places for students. The VSB violence prevention policy states that violence of any kind will not be tolerated. This policy covers all school board buildings and grounds and is in effect during all school related and/or sanctioned activities (eg. field trips).

How Is Violence Defined?

Violence comes in many forms including verbal or written threats, physical, emotional or sexual abuse or harassment, racial harassment, or bullying. Any form of violence or intimidation that threatens the health, safety or welfare of students or staff or causes them to feel their health, safety, or welfare is threatened is not acceptable.

What Disciplinary Actions Will be Taken?

Any student found in a violent act or soliciting others to commit a violent act will be dealt with on an individual basis. In all cases, the school administrator will notify the student’s parent or guardian.

What Should I Do If I ...?

If you or others you know have been affected by harassment, bullying, violence, weapons, drugs or alcohol, it is important that you talk to a counsellor, teacher, administrator, school liaison officer, or someone else in the school whom you trust, so that others can help to solve the problem.

Use of Technology and the Internet

The rules online are the same as the rules of face to face communication.

Students are responsible for following the Roberts and District Code of Conduct online.

Demonstrating respectful language and treatment of all peers is an expectation.

Students are reminded that what they post online is a digital tattoo that stays with you FOREVER. Students are responsible for all of their online behaviour.

Internet Awareness

Students are asked to only share email address, usernames and passwords for online accounts with parents or guardians.

Students are asked to not reveal personal information such as first and last name, birthdate, address, usernames or passwords to anyone online, unless directed by adult to visit a protected site (ie. LearnNowBC).

Students are asked to NOT have their picture taken for the website or the school twitter feed unless your parent/ guardian has given consent on the Media Release form and you’ve handed it in.


Intruders or persons who are unauthorized to be in our school or on our grounds will be questioned by a staff member. If these people are found to not have any legitimate business at the school, they will be asked to leave school grounds.


The VSB policy states that students are not to be in possession of any object (weapon) that can be used to threaten or harm another person or be used with the intent to hurt or frighten someone.

Fireworks and Fire Crackers

Students are not to bring fireworks, firecrackers, or explosive devices to school, or to be in possession of fireworks, firecrackers or explosive devices on school property, under any circumstances.

Violations of this rule will result in referral to the administration.

Skateboards, In-Line Skates, and Scooters

Skateboards, in-line skates and scooters are not permitted to be USED in the building or on school property, and if used, will be confiscated and turned over to parents. Students who bring them to school must place them in their classroom until they leave the school.


For safety reasons, snowball throwing is not allowed on or near school property. Students who ignore this rule will meet with a Roberts staff member or an administrator.

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