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Welcome to the Van Tech Athletics site, home of the Talismen!

Athletics is proud to provide opportunities for student-athletes at Van Tech to participate in inter-scholastic competition in the Vancouver Secondary Schools' Athletic Association (VSSAA) and beyond.  With over 30 boys, girls, and co-ed teams competing on the court, field, track, trails, ice, or in the pool, we welcome all interested students who want to represent the green and gold.

Our coaching staff is made up of dedicated volunteers from our staff and community, including many Talismen alumni.  Each one is dedicated to the athletics program and has undergone a Criminal Record Check and training.

Seasons of Play

Teams participate in one of three seasons during the school year.

FALL  (Sept-Nov)WINTER (Nov-Feb)SPRING (Mar-May)
Cross Country
Field Hockey (Girls)
Rugby (Gr. 8 Boys)
Rugby 7s (Gr. 9 Boys)
*Soccer (Boys)
*Volleyball (Gr. 10-12 Boys )
*Volleyball (Girls)
Ice Hockey (Girls)
*Table Tennis
Mountain Biking
Rugby (Gr. 9-12 Boys)
*Soccer (Girls)
Track and Field
*Volleyball (Gr. 8/9 Boys)

* these teams may require students to go through a tryout process.

Age Class Information

Bantam (grade 8)
Juvenile (grade 9)
Junior (grade 10)
Senior (grade 11/12)

Athletic Fees

Each student-athlete is required to pay for their participation on each school athletics team.  The fee is dependent on the sport and grade level, and helps pay for the overall operation of athletics, officials, tournaments, equipment, uniforms, awards, and the year-end banquet.  

In addition, a post-dated cheque is required as a uniform deposit, which will be returned/destroyed as long as the student-athlete returns their uniform by a required date.  The amount will be determined and communicated to families after tryouts and team selections have been made.

Student-athletes who play for a subsequent team in the same school year receive a $10 refund from their athletic fee at the end of the school year (as to not pay for the banquet again).  

Student-athletes who require financial assistance are encouraged to apply for funding from Canadian Tire Jumpstart.  

Athletic Awards

The basis for athletic awards is participation, positive attitude, leadership, coachability, sportsmanship, and ability.  Each season, students who are team members earn athletic credits.  

Students earn one credit for each successful and completed season for a sport, and must demonstrate the aforementioned traits of a Van Tech student-athlete.  As a student accumulates credits, they become eligible to receive recognition awards to represent our school and athletics program.

When a student reaches ten credits, they become eligible to receive a VT Big Block sweatshirt. 

Coaches will also award MVP awards at the year-end athletics banquet and the department will decide on the major grade 12 athletic awards that will be awarded at the graduation ceremony, including Top Athlete, Sportsmanship, Coaches', and Unsung Hero Awards. 

Conflict and Conflict Resolution

Should there be a need to contact a coach, athletic director, or administration at the school regarding conflicts regarding a Van Tech athletics team, we promote the use of a 24-hour cooling off period before initiating communication.  We recommend that athletes and/or parents contact the coach(es) first, and if conflicts are not solved to your satisfaction, that the athletic director be contacted next.  The athletic director will contact the proper administrator if necessary.

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