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Coach Contact Information

Below is the contact information for the coaches of our athletics teams.  

If you are contacting a coach with concerns, please ensure the "24-hour rule" is followed post-practice/game/tournament.

Athletic DirectorMr. K. Liklli (a)

Fall Sports

AquaticsMark Johnstonmark.johnston (a)
Cross CountryMs. S. Keonkkeon (a)
Girls Field HockeyMs. N. Paris (Teacher-Sponsor)nparis (a)
Juvenile Boys Rugby 7sMr. S. Arthurssarthurs (a)
Juvenile Boys SoccerMr. R. Ballarinrballarin (a)
Senior Boys SoccerSam Smithsamrsmith2.0 (a)
Bantam Girls Volleyball - GoldMr. Z. Suzsu (a)
Bantam Girls Volleyball - GreenJaqlynn Nguyennguyenjaqlynn98 (a)
Juvenile Girls VolleyballLiv Wessel-Boydlivwb0110 (a)
Junior Girls VolleyballOlivia Matsuimatsuiolivia (a)
Senior Girls VolleyballHoward Louielouie_family (a)
Junior Boys VolleyballMr. P. Pequenoppequeno (a)
Senior Boys VolleyballHarry Xuharry_xu1 (a)

Winter Sports

Bantam Boys Basketball - GoldFraser Smythesmythefraser (a)
Bantam Boys Basketball - Green
Jotham Boseatmbose (a)
Juvenile Boys BasketballYen Fongyenfong13 (a)
Junior Boys BasketballJustin Chowjustinmchow (a)
Senior Boys BasketballNikko Baybaynikko_baybay (a)
Bantam Girls BasketballStephanie Gleggstephanie.glegg (a)
Juvenile Girls BasketballClarice Zamoraclaricezamorra (a)
Junior Girls BasketballNikko Baybaynikko_baybay (a)
Senior Girls BasketballSam Smithsamrsmith2.0 (a)
Boys CurlingMr. S. Byronsbyron (a)
Girls CurlingSuzanne Malfairscmt (a)
Girls Ice HockeyMr. D. Landryadlandry (a)
Boys/Girls Table TennisJosh Castillojosh_ryan_castillo (a)
Boys/Girls Wrestling (@ Gladstone)
Alyssa Kroekerakroeker5 (a)

Spring Sports

Bantam BadmintonMr. G. Roosma (Teacher-Sponsor)gsroosma (a)
Junior/Senior BadmintonYushan Linyushan (a)
Junior/Senior Badminton
Brody Fanbrodyfan2005 (a)
GolfMr. K. Liklli (a)
Mountain Biking
Mr. H. Nicholshnichols (a)
Senior Boys RugbyMr. S. Arthurssarthurs (a)
Juvenile Girls Soccer
Mr. R. Ballarinrballarin (a)
Senior Girls Soccer
Sam Smithsamrsmith2.0 (a)
Senior Girls Soccer
Nick van Ierselnvaniersel (a)
Tennis (Club)
Mr. S. Byronsbyron (a)
Track and Field
Ms. J. Maitlandjmaitland (a)
Track and Field
Mr. R. Wolferjwolfe (a)
Track and Field
Yen Fongyenfong13 (a)
Junior UltimateMs. V. Watsonvwatson (a)
Junior Ultimate
Aaron Koenigaaron.koenig (a)
Senior UltimateLara Teleronlarateleron (a)
Senior Ultimate
Karl Hokarl.c.k.ho (a)
Bantam Boys VolleyballMr. P. Pequenoppequeno (a)
Juvenile Boys VolleyballBrian Baybaybrijay473 (a)
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