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Course Planning

Course Planning Guidebook

2023-2024 VanTech Course Planning Guide.pdf

The Van Tech Counselling Department will be hosting a virtual one hour session for students, parents and families to learn more about the course offerings for the 2023-2024 school year and the course selection process on Tuesday, January 17th, 2023.

Please join the meeting early so we can start on time.

The times for meetings and meeting links:


Meeting Time


Meeting Link

Grade 8 (Grads 2027)


Alin Cuerrier

Grade 8 Meeting

Grade 9 (Grads 2026)


Nick van Iersel

Grade 9 Meeting

Grade 10 (Grads 2025)


Leanne Hagglund

Grade 10 Meeting

Grade 11 (Grads 2024)

7:05pm-8:05pmDavid Waisberg
Grade 11 Meeting

Course Planning Night Meeting Sessions:

On VT YouTube channel, unlisted

Grads 2027 (8->9):

Grads 2026 (9->10):

Grads 2025 (10->11):

Grads 2024 (11->12):

Presentation Slides for Course Planning 

Grads 2027 Course Planning Gr 8-9 (Jan 2023).pdf

Grads 2026 Course Planning Gr 9-10 (Jan 2023).pdf

Grads 2025 Course Planning Gr10-11 (Jan 2023).pdf

Grads 2024 Course Planning Gr11-12 (Jan 2023).pdf

Individual Course Choices By Grade (Updated for 2023-2024 School Year):

Grade 8 Course Choices 2023-2024.pdf

Grade 9 Course Choices 2023-2024.pdf

Grade 10 Course Choices 2023-2024.pdf

Grade 11 Course Choices 2023-2024.pdf

Grade 12 Course Choices 2023-2024.pdf

MyBluePrint - A great place to plan your post-secondary life.

Graduation Requirements (Updated 2018)

Summer School Website (Opens late April each year)

VSB Trades & Career Programs

Math Flowchart - updated June 2023.pdf

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