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Flex Humanities

Program Description:

Flex Humanities is a five year District Program that is structured by community-based learning.  Students are required to work in cooperative and collaborative groups in open inquiry.  This means that the Flex Humanities student is an independent, flexible, and self-reliant student comfortable working with groups of peers, deciding inquiry objectives and formats, and open to collaborative critical discourse.

The program components are Philosophy, World Literature, History, Fine Arts, Film and Media Studies, and Integrated Arts and Technology.  Each year opens with a community building outdoor camp shaped by Indigenous learning and place-based education.  In grade 12, the students will participate in a major culminative place-based field study, traditionally travelling to New York to study immigration, geo-politics, history of slavery, Harlem Renaissance, civil rights history, modern art, and modern theatre. 

The program provides a supportive, stimulating, and challenging environment for self-motivated learners who can work effectively in both group, partner, and independent environments. Movement, argument (the philosophical kind of argument), and active engagement are key elements of our classrooms. Students are encouraged to develop their intellect by emphasizing critical thinking skills, analytical writing, cooperative learning, and open format projects. 

In short, the program has been designed to meet the needs of students who are creative, above average learners who are interested philosophy, humanities, history fine arts, and technological extensions and who thrive in working with other self-motivated students.  

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