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BCIT 'ACE' Program

BCIT Certificate in Essential Skills for Architecture, Construction, & Engineering (ACE)1707185088148.png

The Vancouver School Board partners with BCIT to offer support with an application to the Certificate in Essential Skills for Architecture, Construction, & Engineering ('ACE') program at BCIT.

An information session for this program is being held from 6:30pm-7:30pm on Monday, March 4th. Registration is required using this link.

Program Details

The Certificate in Essential Skills in Architecture, Construction & Engineering ["ACE Certificate"), is a unique work­-based entry level educational program designed to introduce recent high school graduates to the worlds of Architecture, Engineering, and Construction. Students will be introduced to skills, concepts, and terminologies used in these sectors, participate in site visits, work on both physical and digital models, and hear from leaders in these professions. This is in preparation for the work-integrated-learning practicums, during which students are temporarily hired and paid as junior team members by BCIT industry partners, where they are given opportunities to apply the skills and knowledge they learned in a classroom setting in the real world.

The ACE Certificate is delivered to students in a blended format, which includes classes held at BCIT's Burnaby campus, virtual learning through BCIT's Learning Hub platform, field trips to local design firms and construction sites and, finally, in the work environment. The aim of the program is to build an understanding of the spectrum of careers that exist within these fields and to prepare students to explore those careers via this unique immersive polytechnic program.

The ACE Certificate offers students a chance to become familiar with different areas of the construction process from design, planning and building perspectives, highlighting the importance of BIM [Building Information Modelling) and Project Management. This exposure will help students make more informed decisions about the area of speciality that most interests them to both continue their education and consider a career path.

The ACE Certificate is a llJ-month program runs from July 2024-August 2025, and is comprised of two segments:

  • The first segment of the ACE Certificate, the ACE Summer Intensive, runs from July 8 to August 2, 2024. Classes are held at the BCIT Burnaby Campus (3700 Willingdon Avenue, Burnaby, BC.) Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.
    • ACED 1200 Digital Modelling Fundamentals (3.0 credits, in-person)
    • ACED 1210 Introduction to Construction Project Management (2.0 credits, in-person)
    • ACED 1220 Introduction to Building Technology (3.0 credits, in-person)

Students who successfully complete all three courses in the ACE Summer Intensive advance into the second segment of the ACE Certificate program.

  • The second segment of the ACE Certificate runs from September 2024 to August 2025, and includes the following elements:
    • Five online courses over one year:
      • ACED 1205 Revit Fundamentals (3.0 credits, online)
      • COMM 1103 Intro to Business and Technical Communication (3.0 credits, online)
      • BLDC 1050 Materials and Methods 1 (3.0 credits, online
      • ACED 1305 Introduction to Systems - Structural, Mechanical & Electrical (3.0 credits, online)
      • BLDT 1041 Basic Estimating with Computer Applications (3.0 credits, online)

Please note that students must be in grades 10 or 11 to apply for Youth Train in Trades programs. Grade 12 students may apply for Youth Train in Trades only if they can complete their program before they finish grade 12. 

For more details on program dates, students should contact their counsellors or email

Entrance Recommendations

It is recommended that applicants to the program possess the following skills and experience prior to entry:

  • English 12 or equivalent
  • Basic computer proficiency
  • Good business communication skills, and/or the desire to develop or improve them [including speaking on the phone and in person, and writing emails)
  • A keen interest in exploring careers within the field of Architecture, Construction and Engineering

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Contact for further details

Mark Reid


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