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More than a job – a place to inspire future generations: Marlene Perrett on teaching French Immersion

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More than a job – a place to inspire future generations: Marlene Perrett on teaching French Immersion

For Marlene Perrett, a French immersion teacher at Kitsilano High School, teaching is a calling and not a job.

“I believe it was meant to be,” Marlene says. “I kind of fell into teaching in my early 20s. It’s a place where I feel fulfilled. I feel privileged to come to school every morning.”

Originally from France, Marlene has been at Kitsilano high school since she joined the Vancouver School Board (VSB) in 2006. This year, she is teaching francophone literature to both early and late immersion students. 

On a typical day, Marlene provides opportunities for students to read and practise their interpersonal skills, through music, poetry, literature, short stories and current events. 

“My goal is to create a safe learning space, where students feel respected, even when making mistakes,” Marlene says.

Community circles are also key classroom moments when the students listen to each other, while standing in a circle. These moments further their understanding of learning in community by being attentive to others.

“I have different prompts,” Marlene says. “Some are personal, others are linked to our reading. This posture of listening is so important to me as it draws from First Peoples Principles of Learning.”

One of the things Marlene loves most about the VSB are her colleagues. She is grateful for the genuine collaboration and team spirit of her French Immersion and Modern Languages colleagues at Kitsilano Secondary.

For Marlene, a good day is when students are fully engaged in the material or activity. A great day is when she has had the opportunity to encourage and affirm them. 

“My mission is to equip and inspire,” Marlene says. “Equip them with sound communication skills to foster respectful interactions. Inspire them with a love for this language and culture, and further learning.”

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