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Student Safety


 If the alarm sounds DURING class time:

  1. When the alarm sounds, the teacher asks the students to stop all classroom activities - this includes shutting down all machinery, gas and oil burning apparatus and appliances. Students must listen attentively to the teacher’s instructions throughout the evacuation process.
  2. The teachers ensure that students remain calm and that they are led out by the predetermined evacuation route if the route is clear. Teachers take their class lists with them for attendance purposes. As the class evacuates, the last student to leave the class closes the classroom door.
  3. Once outside, the teachers lead their students away from the building and make sure that they do not congregate on the roadway. When the teacher leads the students to the evacuation location, they ensure that all students who were in class are present at the evacuation site and remain with the teacher until staff and students are allowed to re-enter the building.
  4. If a student is missing or if a teacher picks up additional students in the hallway / washrooms during evacuation, the teacher sends a runner with an attendance report to the Principal or person in charge.  The attendance report must include the student’s name, classroom number and student number.
  5. If a student is not in a class when the alarm sounds, the student should exit through the nearest corridor and join with any class. If the student sees his or her class outside, the student should inform the supervising teacher and ask for permission to rejoin the class.
  6. Teachers are responsible for supervising students outside, keeping students away from the building and keeping students off the roadways. The “All-Clear” signal is the sounding of three (3) bells over the school’s PA system.  NO TEACHERS OR STUDENTS SHOULD RE-ENTER THE BUILDING UNTIL THE “ALL-CLEAR” SIGNAL IS SOUNDED.
  7. While the building is being evacuated during the fire alarm, it is necessary to ensure that students do not remain in washrooms. Teachers with classrooms near a student washroom are assigned a washroom to check for students to take with them as they evacuate the building.  Once outside, if the student sees his or her class, the student should inform the supervising teacher and ask for permission to rejoin the class.

 If the alarm sounds OUTSIDE of class time:

  1. When the alarm sounds, all teachers should move to the hallways and help to evacuate the building by encouraging students to leave through the closest exit.
  2. Once outside, teachers need to spread out and supervise students ensuring they are away from the building and off the roadways.
  3. Teachers and students are to remain outside until the “All-Clear” signal is sounded. The “All-Clear” signal is a broadcast of 3 bells over the school’s PA system. 



Inside the buildings:

  1. Students should drop and cover, which means to get on one's knees in a crouch position, knees together, arms close to knees, face in arms, with back to windows, preferably under a desk, table or other cover.
  2. Desks and tables are likely to "travel" in severe shaking.  Students should move with them, holding on to legs of lightweight desks or tables to keep them upright.
  3. Students should remain quiet in order to hear instructions. Remain under cover for at least one minute after shaking stops.  Then, wait for instructions from the teacher or administrator.
  4. Expect loud noises that often occur with earthquakes.

Outside the buildings:

  1. Students should move to the assembly area on the Turf Field, keeping away from buildings, trees, poles, fallen wires, and glass.
  2. Students should stay with their classroom teacher until further instructions are given.
  3. Students with study blocks should report to the Command Post located on the Turf Field where attendance will be taken.




 Used in response to an armed or dangerous assailant WITHIN the school.


  • Gather people in your vicinity into a secure room - do this quickly
  • Close and secure doors
  • Turn off lights, be quiet, get down low/behind heavy furniture, get out of sight
  • Silence all cell phones and ask they be placed face down on floor
  • Alert other occupants by any means available and/or call 911 - only if safe to do so
  • Or Leave Safe if no secure area is available and a safe exit is, then quickly leave the area/school.  Report to the designated assembly area and await instructions.

* Normal activities in the school cease.  Await police response.




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