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                                  KITSILANO SCHOOL SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM 2023-24


Each year, through the support of generous school, district and community donors, Kitsilano Secondary School awards thousands of dollars in scholarships to graduating students. These scholarships recognize student excellence and achievement in a variety of areas including but not limited to academics, arts, athletics, trades, school and/or community service, leadership, financial need, excellence in a chosen field of study, etc. 

All Grade 12 Kitsilano students are invited and encouraged to complete and submit an online 2024 Kitsilano Scholarship Application form.

To be considered for any school or district scholarships, a completed online 2024 Kitsilano Scholarship Application form must be completed and all supplemental forms must be submitted to the school office by 3:30 PM on Tuesday, April 23, 2024.

The link to the online application form will be available on the school website starting April 2, 2024.

PREPARING YOUR SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION:                                                    

When completing the online application, you are not able to save your information and continue at a different time. It is recommended that you use the attached DRAFT Kitsilano Scholarship Application 2024 document to gather your information in advance of completing the online application.  

In addition to the online scholarship application, there are 3 supplemental forms.

Kitsilano School & Community Activity Sheet Fillable.pdf  (Required)

Kitsilano Statement of Financial Need Fillable.pdf  (If Applicable)

Kitsilano District-Authority Scholarship Self-Nomination Fillable.pdf  (If Applicable)

DRAFT Kitsilano Scholarship Application 2024.pdf

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