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Citation Guide

Hi people! Welcome to your citation guide. A Works Cited page indicates to your teacher that you have done your research and gives credit to the people who have done the work before you. It is essential for all research projects but they can be tricky to do properly. 

Whether you are creating a citation for a book, picture or a website, these citation websites should be able to help you.

Son of a Citation Machine:

Easy Bib:


All of these citation pages have ads, I'm sorry to say, but they are helpful to create your works cited page. You can either enter the title of the book and author or, even more simply, enter the's a 13 number code on the back of every book underneath the bar code. It usually begins with the numbers 978. For websites, you can usually just enter the URL but, if you use the databases (and you should if you can because the information is really good), the citation can be found at the bottom of the page and you can just cut and paste it into your works cited page. 

There are many different commonly used formats for citations. If your teacher doesn't have a preference, default to MLA 8 and be consistent. Please note that your Works Cited page should be in alphabetical order by author and should be single spaced. You should double space between your entries. Also, do not number your entries. If you need further assistance and you can't come see me, I recommend going to (virtually, of course!) The Owl at Purdue University. Their information is great. Hope that helps. Good luck. 

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