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The Vancouver School Board is committed to creating a safe and respectful learning environment for students. Guidelines are required to provide school administrators and staff members with an appropriate means by which to select, train, monitor and "evaluate regular volunteer help".  It is imperative that an appropriate screening mechanism be instituted to safeguard our students and maintain quality contact within our schools.

A volunteer is identified as an individual who offers to assist school personnel and programs, supplementing employee responsibilities, without expectation of remuneration.  At no point is a volunteer required to undertake work normally the responsibility of an employee.

Volunteers may be classroom and library helpers, coaches, drivers and chaperones on field trips, etc.  Many of the special programs and activities offered by our schools could not continue without their support and involvement.  A large number of volunteers are parents of children in the schools or members of the community and local business people.

Volunteers (whether parents, university students, or individuals from the community) provide invaluable service to students, school staff members and school programs.

The sponsor is the VSB employee working directly with the volunteer.  The sponsor is responsible for:

 * Liaison with the administrator responsible for overall supervision of volunteers; safety of students; contact with parents; and awareness of and adherence to Board policy.

For more information on how to volunteer please contact Ms. Benita Kwon, Principal ( .

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