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Grade 8 Course Selection

Students currently enrolled at ShaughnessyCarnarvon, or Trafalgar Elementary will be provided with a personalized Gr. 8 Enrolment Form at their elementary school. 

A PDF copy of the Gr. 8 application can be found HEREPlease SAVE this fillable PDF to your desktop before you fill it out or it will not save your information.

Students applying from outside our family schools, please review the application instructions for students new to the VSB.

Students registered in our regular Grade 8 program are scheduled in the following 8 courses: 

1. English 8 
2. Social Studies 8 
3. Math 8 
4. Science 8 

5. Physical Education  (students have the opportunity to choose one of the following courses):

  • Co-ed Physical Education
  • Beginner Hockey (no experience): $300-$400
  • Hockey 8 (some experience): $1200-$1900


6. Language 8 OR Learning Support


7. Applied Skills 8 (required elective for all grade 8’s which includes four 12 week courses):

  • Tech Studies
  • Home Economics
  • Computer Applications


8. Fine Arts 8 (students have the opportunity to choose one of the following courses):

  • Fine Arts 8 (Drama and/or Art and or Media Design)
  • Choir 8
  • Strings
  • Band 8 - Beginners (no experience)
  • Band 8 / Strings Intermediate - (Prerequisite 1 year on band instrument)



In consultation with grade 7 teacher and PW articulation team, students may be recommended for the following courses:

  • ELL Program (Beginning/Intermediate Reading, Support, Social Studies & Science)
  • Transitonal ELL Program (English, Social Studies, and Junior Support Block)
  • ELL support period (usually in place of French 8)
  • Leaning Support (usually in place of French or an elective)
  • Grade 10 French (Prerequisite: French Immersion)
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