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About Us

Our Crest and Motto

The Three Feathers is the school emblem and as a crest it is at least 600 years old.  Popular legend states that in the Battle of Crecy, it was won from the blind King of Bohemia by Edward Prince of Wales (the Black Prince, 1330 – 1376).  The Black Prince was the Prince of Wales at the time, and each successive Prince of Wales has used the three feathers as his emblem.  The emblem has three ostrich plumes rising out of a black coronet with the inscription “Ich Dien” (which means “I Serve”) on a ribbon beneath the coronet.  This is a fitting symbol of excellence for a school steeped in tradition.

Past and Present

Prince of Wales opened for classes in September 1920 at its original site, which is now Shaughnessy Elementary School.  It has been at its current location since 1960.

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