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Accessing Office 365

As a VSB student you have access to all Microsoft Office 365 applications / programs:

  • Outlook - your VSB email
  • One Drive - where you save all of your files and documents (assignments, projects, work)
  • Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • Teams - for online classrooms (2020)

and a variety of other tools.

You also have a VSB email.  It is:

Your Student    Example:

Your Password is:  Your Network Password - the same one used to login to a computer at school.

To access OFFICE 365...

1) either:

Go to 


Go to the PW Website

Scroll down to the bottom of the page

Click "Office 365"

2) Login.

     Username:  your student

     Password:  your network login (the one use to login on a school computer)

The first time you log in to Office 365, there will be a series of startup screens.  Click next for each until you see the screen with all the Microsoft Office Apps.

3)  You can now select the program / tool you wish to use.

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