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District Classes

ACE-IT Programs

The Vancouver School Board offers several district programs for students interested in pursuing industry certification or completing the foundation level of a trade program. These programs save both time and money and offer a huge jump start for students while completing high school graduation. The benefits include:
§ dual credit with a post secondary institution (most programs)§ head start with Foundation program training§ registration with the Industry Training Authority (ITA) – if a trade program§ may lead directly into an apprenticeship§ work experience in the trade

  For more information and an application form, please visit the VSB Career Programs website: → Programs→ Secondary students → Career Programs – here you will find links to ACE IT programs and a pdf brochure for each program. Also visit the Industry Training Authority website: All students applying for ACE IT programs should register at their home school with a full course load. Schools will be asked to modify a student’s timetable when the student is accepted into an ACE IT program.

Vancouver Learning Network

The Vancouver Learning Network is designed to provide opportunities for students to complete secondary school courses in a flexible manner. The program provides a comprehensive selection of quality secondary courses that are delivered largely through asynchronous and self-paced approaches. These courses may replace those in the student's local school, be in addition to their school program, or be a program of full-time studies at VLN.


VSB Adult Education

The Vancouver Board of Education operates six adult centres throughout Vancouver; some centres also provide outreach programs at offsite locations. Our centres provide students* with a wide array of flexible and student-centred learning opportunities that range from the basic literacy level (Ministry Foundations courses, Levels 1-6) to high school completion. 

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