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Pre-Employment Program (PREP)

Program component 

The Pre-Employment Program (PREP) is designed for students who have not experienced success in the acquisition of academic skills in a mainstream classroom setting. Students participate in adapted or modified academic courses, electives and work-experience. A goal of the program is to help students form a strong sense of identity, self-esteem and expanded horizons. Additionally, program staff work to teach strategies for goal setting, resilience, healthy lifestyle choices, wellness and positive relationships. The program is based on a cohort model in which students have academic subjects with the same group of students and a smaller group of teachers who work with them over multiple courses and grade levels.  This cohort model helps build community and develop strong relationships. Along with academic courses, PREP students are required to participate in a variety of field trips. These trips build social and dynamic group skills as a part of their goal of building students’ reliability personal responsibility and expanded horizons while in the prep program.


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