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Duke of Edinburgh

Welcome to our Gladstone Award center! Join us on our journey of self-discovery and growth.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award – Canada champions young Canadians as they develop their full potential. The Award program allows them to take ownership of their present and future. 

The inclusive philosophy of the Award ensures that any young person between the ages of 14 to 24 can participate barrier free.

The Duke of Edinburgh International Award - Canada official website

The center’s leaders Ms. Ronne, Jim Holgate (retired teacher) and Ms. Montroy are here to guide you as you choose your goals, work towards achieving these goals and we celebrate your achievements with you!

What does it take to earn the Award?

  • Completing at least an hour of effort in a week. This does not have to be in consecutive weeks, though the idea is to show you can engage in a persistent effort.
  • There are 4 parts to the Award (Summary of Award's conditions):
    1. Service: To understand the value of giving service to others in participants’ communities
    2. Skill: To encourage the development of personal interests, creativity or practical skills
    3. Physical recreation: To encourage participation in sport and physical recreation for the improvement of health and fitness
    4. Adventurous Journey: To encourage a spirit of adventure and discovery while undertaking a journey in a group

Does it cost anything?

  • We are barrier-free and participation in the Award does not require any fee payment.
  • We fundraise to help with our First Aid training and hiking and biking activities that prepare participants for their Adventurous Journey.

Contact: Ms. Ronne is happy to talk in person (Rm. C203) or answer any questions by email:



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